Things you’ll never know (III)

There are so many things I wanted to say to you. But I never got the chance to meet you.

I wanted to tell you I would love to pack you lunch every single day. I would carefully cut your sandwich just the way you like it (in half, but not in triangles) and put it in a silver lunch tin (the one I would have got for your birthday). I wouldn’t pack any dessert because I know you’re not the biggest fan of sweets, but I would sometimes leave a note at the bottom of the tin.

I wouldn’t get upset if at the end of a work day you would come home and throw your clothes on the floor. I would carefully pick them up and put some fresh ones on the bed while you were in the shower.

If ever you had a bad day, I would wait for you with a chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and just listen. Or pour you a glass of wine and let you snooze on the couch while I cooked dinner.

We would sleep in every Sunday, get takeaway coffees and drink them in the park while people (and pigeon) watching, our favourite weekend activity.

We would very rarely go shopping and even when we did, we would spend the entire time brushing shoulders, hiding in the fitting rooms and giggling about things that only made sense to us.

Every Monday after work, we would go straight to our local pub, drink beer and eat crisps instead of a real dinner. We would always sit outside and watch the world go by.

We would walk past abandoned buildings and you would always tell me you saw someone at the window. It would freak me out and you would laugh and love every single second of it.

We would often fight and I would get upset and sad, but you would always manage to say something silly and make me laugh. And that would make all the sadness go away.


~ de Andra pe 29/08/2015.

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