Things you’ll never know (I)

I would stay awake and wait for you every night with a glass of wine. Dinner would already be cold, but I know you wouldn’t mind.

I would love every second of getting to know the little things about you, such as how much sugar you take in your coffee or whether you’re grumpy in the morning or not.

I would tell you I don’t get upset easily and, in the very rare occasions that I do, squeezing my shoulders without saying anything would make everything go away in an instant.

I would never mind ironing your shirts or sewing the missing buttons. But you should know I would always use red thread.

I would fold the jumper you left in the living room but I wouldn’t put it away. Because finding traces of you around the house would always make me smile.

I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t brush your hair in the morning. My fingers would get tangled up in it all the time and that would be perfectly fine.

You would always leave a bottle of wine on the kitchen table whenever you wanted a bit of time by yourself. I would take a big glass, a book and head to the bedroom, where I would curl under the blankets until you turned off the music and sneaked back into the room.


~ de Andra pe 31/03/2013.

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