While I’m not in any way ungrateful for being able to support myself while studying, being somehow part of the retail world (other than being the consumer) is something I could do without. Experiences change us. We adapt. We use and show parts of ourselves that would otherwise never see the daylight. And the view is not always pretty.

I now judge everyone who walks through the shop’s door. And based on their look, I separate them into categories. Which they’re usually only two: those who look like they can afford shopping into such a place and those who still haven’t looked at the tags. Because once they see them, they turn around and leave. 

Seeing people spend hundreds of pounds for things they never really need somehow distorts my own perception of reality. Fifty, twenty, two hundreds and seventy five, they all loose any meaning they once might have had. And the most repulsive thing about it is that I often find myself thinking that spending for a top more than a week’s worth of food is totally acceptable. 

Yes, I judge people. But I also admit the fact that I’ve always been part of the second category.  


~ de Andra pe 29/11/2012.

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