„6 Positions Your Heart Can Be Broken In”

„4. Trespassing

If you haven’t already, don’t. Seriously, pump your breaks, flip around and head in the opposite direction. People involved in relationships are the last thing that’ll do your heart any good. If it’s a fascination because you want what you can’t have, that’s something you need to seriously stop doing. In the event that these are genuine, real feelings, like you actually care for their wellbeing, then you’re in trouble. It’s not your job to care for them; it’s somebody else’s. Yes, you want their spot, but no, you can’t have it. They’re not accepting applications, sorry. His/her heart is fully staffed and you’d be foolish to waste your time applying for positions at a place that isn’t even hiring. Also, if they take every moment away from their relationship to tease and string you along, grab your metaphorical scissors and snip that tie.”

via Thought Catalog

So true it stings.


~ de Andra pe 05/11/2012.

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