Go and tell your parents you love them.

Always hug your dad in the morning after passing him the coffee. Squeeze his hand when you’re walking down the street. And tell him you love him for just being part of your life.

Never forget to call him more often, even if it’s just for hearing his voice. It’s the voice of the kindest and most amazing man you will ever have in your life. So make sure you hear it daily.

There’s nothing on this world that can prepare you for anything like that. Because it’s always other people’s stories you keep hearing. Well, it’s exactly like they say. The world does crash within the first few seconds. And keeps crashing every single day after that. It’s just that life keeps going on whether you’ve managed to jump back on or not.

If anything…life has now got different priorities. And you better believe that living it is one of them.

He’s always been my one and only model of strength, passion, kindness, of a genuine and so simple love of living. Today he has become my…absolute everything.

Mom, dad, Achi…the love I have for you is out of this world.



~ de Andra pe 15/08/2012.

Un răspuns to “Go and tell your parents you love them.”

  1. ♥ am citit cu lacrimi in ochi!

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