The moment I stepped into the arena I lost my breath…and then it all came back. The reason I loved and will always love this sport so incredibly much.


The way my knees would go weak before every single game.

The way I would completely disconnect and forget about the world outside the court.

The moment right before I scored the first three points shot of the game.

The sound that my basketball shoes would make when touching the court’s surface.

The first sip of water I would take after racing for an entire quarter.

The glorious moment when I would completely forget about all the injuries and simply enjoy dribbling that damn ball.

*I didn’t call it quits because I’m too proud to leave personal things outside the court. Life is full of mediocre things, things we do just because we feel compelled to do, things that we don’t necessarily enjoy doing. And the last thing I want is basketball to be one of them.

I’ll be keeping it the way it is…my unadulterated and absolute pleasure.


~ de Andra pe 23/07/2012.

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