One Hundred Eighty One

“All my life, i thought that i’ve been blessed with amazing friends. Surrounded by people who have time and again proved me that they’ll support me and be there for me no matter what. So, I always thought whatever happens with anyone, I’ve got my real friends for me which I knew would never leave me and always do their best to try and understand me.

The time i spent in Erasmus with everyone, was the best time of my life and I sincerely believe that our Erasmus experince was quite unique and different than many others’. I’ve never enjoyed myself more.

There were several reasons for this. The fact that we’ve all been living together for starters. However, I believe the main reason was that our little group had such amazing people in it. And amongst those people a few stood out for me, with their unselfishness, with the value they give to other people and with themselves being nothing other than themselves.

You were one those people for me. And among all the other things you taught me, I believe the most important was that, regardless of the amazing friends I have here, I could always meet just as amazing people in my life. You were one those people.

I really miss you a lot and sometimes, when something happens in my life, I really search for you. To talk about it with you and to listen to what you’re gonna say.

But, somehow, I feel like it will not matter if we don’t spend as much time as we did. Because I believe that some friendships are damaged with time if the partners don’t spend enough time together, however those friendships are the ones where the people don’t really know or get each other. The real ones where the people really value each other and consider the other one a real friend, time and distance don’t quite matter.

We haven’t seen each other for 47 days now. And we are 4.344 km apart from each other.

Yet i still feel like you here with me, wherever i go.

I’ve written in your notebook that whenever you’ll need a friend, I’ll be there. I meant it.”

There are friends.
There are good friends.
There are close friends.
There are best friends.

There are also soulmates. And that’s the type of connection between two people that I believe in with every inch of my heart.

I spent my 22nd birthday as planned. In a coffee shop, reading. It was the 48th day. But at least we somehow got to share it.


~ by Andra on 09/03/2012.

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