Ache for…

When it comes to places, it’s not just the big picture that I miss. It’s not only crossing the bridge at night that I dream about. Or running along cute, nobby houses and picturing myself in every each of them.

It’s the tiny add-ons that I always seem to miss the most.

The way the room would always lit when pulling the curtains in the morning. The cluster made of drawings, colored pencils and half empty glasses of wine that could always be found on the table. The smell of cinnamon coming from the burnt incense sticks. The stains my red bottle of perfume would always leave on the shelf. The white coffee cup, red teaspoon and wine opener that I never learned how to use.

Because mornings don’t make me smile without the same curtains. Inspiration doesn’t come when the only things on the table are a lamp and a black pen. The candle smells bitter, the shelves are clean, the perfume bottle empty, the coffee cup yellow and the wine opener forgotten somewhere at the back of a bottom drawer.

*I would always have two coffees, an apple and a yogurt for breakfast, soup, salad and toast for lunch and wine for dinner.

Fruits don’t sound appealing first thing in the morning anymore, coffee is best enjoyed as an after-lunch dessert, while wine has become a too rare treat.

Because the way I live always depends on destination.

~ by Andra on 02/03/2012.

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