Future self

It’s always reassuring to know you’ve still got some time left…to do all the things you’ve been planning to do, to visit all the places you’ve dreamed about, to become that someone you’ve always imagined of being.

And then, you wake up one morning and realise all those future times you kept projecting yourself into are not part of the future anymore. ‘In five years’ time’ has suddenly become ‘today’.

It’s scary. Because it was so much easier to fail knowing you have years ahead to get another chance. Without worrying too much about running out of time.

It’s probably the idea of not knowing where I’m headed to, while others are already building their dream house, that makes my heart squeal. It’s not that I got to a certain end and don’t have enough time or where to go from here, it’s the fact that I’m not where I imagined I would be a few years ago.

*Actually, I’ve never had a clear imagine of my future self. I was only guessing that by this time I would have figured out more about myself.


~ by Andra on 20/02/2012.

One Response to “Future self”

  1. Sunt perfect de acord cu tine…si la mine e mai ingrijorator, gandeste-te ce handicap am eu la cursa vietii….numai 8 ani:))))…dar sa nu ne intristam prea tare pt ca asa va fi tot restul vietii, o cursa spre urmatorul vis, peste urmatorul obstacol, spre urmatorul tel, urmatoarea realizare. Si nici una nu ne va da satisfactia pe care ne-o imaginam. Pentru ca suntem perfectionisti, pentru ca depundem atat de mult efort si energie in ceea ce facem incat goarna victoriei, a succesului se aude ca un ecou, ca un strigat de departe. …
    te iubesc enorm, mi-e dor de tine si-ti recomand un film
    The Artist…mi-a placut foarte mult.

    Ps: Ma impresioneaza pana la lacrimi ceea ce scrii, de aceea imi propun ca de azi incolo sa citesc blogul tau doar dupa ce ajung acasa!
    te puuuup

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