Never an option

Even though it might feel like the easiest option out there, you sometimes have to find the strength to fight against it. To make it go away.

Because every single conversation will leave behind an honest smile. The same one you keep forgetting to have. *

„The moment I lit my cigarette I felt the need to close my eyes. Because there you were, all of you. I could see exactly what each of you was doing. And the details, oh, the details were so clear. I could see Batu walking around the hallway. Tiernan was cooking, Micka was downstairs as well. Gabi was in her room, with Joni sitting next to her. Chiara was smoking too, while the two of you had just showed up from upstairs.”

It’s the exact same feeling that I get when holding one between my fingers. The reason I actually keep doing it. Because the smell of it will always remind me of the drunken philosophical talks we used to have while sipping on a glass of cheap wine.

*And isolation will never be an option.


~ de Andra pe 09/02/2012.

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