A letter of love for the people who changed my life

I wouldn’t call it an illusion, but it’s definitely been a dream. A dream made of colourful people, shiny buildings and cheap wine.

Episodes of hysterical laughter, the urge to hug and slap him in the same time, drunken honesty, drama lover and constant attention seeker, he was the one who made me realise that, in order to be happy, I need to be surrounded by people (and learn how to love them regardless of eating Nutella with their fingers or not).

Turned from water bottle carrier to wine holder, from lake to waterfall, making his entrance anywhere worth paying for (although those booty moves should be priceless), his room has quickly become the most loved place. I’ve learned a lot of things about me through him, but the one I will always cherish is the moment I realised how many words one song can replace if sang and lived by two people in the same time.

To make an entire whiskey-drinking-nation cringe just by showing alcohol-red-painted-lips is a superpower that only one hero can hold. And because heroes are anything but regular, his tastes in fashion (‘best dad’ socks, anyone?) might have horrified some, but made all of us love him even more. He has been bringing sexy ginger back for 20 years after all!

Sometimes not wearing a belt (underwear overexposure) and being somewhat arrogant are directly proportionate with the amount of affection and warmth a person is willing to give. And, seriously now, how could you not love seeing him walking around with a bottle of wine while wearing all those silly gangsta hats?

Counselor, psychologist, problem solver, her room has experienced all dramas and possible human emotions. She’s been everyone’s mom, dad, sister, always having a drunken friend to take care of and a hungry one to feed. (Oh, late night pasta and 5 a.m. toasts, you will be missed by so many people…) The girl whose door was never closed, you’ve managed to make yourself loved more than anyone else.

The most uncomplicated, drama-free, honest and delicate person I’ve met, she made me realise that the small and simple things are always the ones that taste better. And that a small package is definitely not a sign of a tiny heart.

Having perceived him at first as being cold and rigid has made me appreciate and love even more all the inside things I discovered later. Because, let’s face it, getting a gesture of affection from that someone you least expected it from, makes it a thousand times more special. And being able to laugh at all those jokes hidden behind his straight face…priceless.

His looks might have caused street accidents, such as girls slipping on their own drool, but the heart and character he revealed are the ones truly worth fighting to have around.

A bit lost in space, but with his heart where it’s supposed to be. And meeting him has made me realise that communication isn’t about exchanging words, but sharing feelings and understanding how some (apparent) useless things can be worth a million times more.

Whenever mentioning her name (which happened quite a lot), everyone’s faces would just lit up. And that’s the only proof that one could need. Because it was her smile and and pure happiness she was carrying with her that would simply brighten our day. The love and appreciation for her family made me cry and realise I wasn’t giving enough. Thanks for opening my eyes and heart!

Being quiet doesn’t always mean there isn’t anything to be said. In her case was just a matter of keeping them for after having a glass of wine. For when all walls of inhibition fell off and revealed one of the funniest and craziest girls I shared so much with (drunken hugs and lipstick included).

She always had the cure for making my day better and ease any kind of pain (and no, I’m not talking about that life changing chocolate she always brought with her, although that might have had some influence too…). Being strong and rewarding everyone with a smile is the lesson for which I am and will always be extremely grateful.

She’s, in my book, the new definition of ‘genuine’ which, along with her overflowing energy will be that something I’ll always miss like crazy. That, and of course her never ending love for indulging in Turkish pizzas and Stroopwafel McFlurries (for breakfast)!

Having such a strong accent has never made me want to hug someone as badly as she does. How cute does the word ‘car’ sound when coming from her?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned these last months was to never do anything or act in any other way than my own. And, by not having her close for so long, she showed me how bad it feels when not doing so. Another thing I learned? That, in order to love other people, I first have to start accepting and loving my own self, as it all starts from there.

They all four represent the image of how friendship should really look like. Of how the ones you have around should be able to heal any kind of wound you might have and help you turn tears into optimism and the simple joy of living.

And there were also this sometimes redhead, freckled girl who would show up every morning at my door holding a coffee in her hand, a croissant in the other, who would always forget her reading glasses on my table and borrow some of my hand cream while listening to all the crazy stories she missed the previous night (when she was most probably reading a book or stalking someone). She would always wait for me at 5 in the morning to hear me cry, take me for a walk and bitch about the ones who made me feel so bad. It always worked.

*For now, living in the past seems to be the only way to manage life.


~ by Andra on 24/01/2012.

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