Social Media

If it improves communication or human relationships, I have no idea, really. It’s not the way I met new people or got into groups and started socializing. I’m not the biggest fan of virtual communication and I hate the way palpable is deteriorating.

It’s just the place I express myself without having the permanent  fear I might be judged. There are no influences from the outside, there’s just freedom. It’s about easing of pain, anxiety, opression. It’s about having the opportunity to say what I have to say without having to face disapproval and, most of all, irony. It’s that corner where no one has the right to tell me whether I am right or wrong. I am the one creating reality, fantasy, the notions of good and bad.

It’s not a different side of my identity or personality. In fact, it’s the only place I can really be myself.


~ de Andra pe 09/12/2009.

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